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Resin driveways are a great way to enhance the appearance of your property. They are also an excellent option for people who want a driveway that is more durable than asphalt, but not as expensive as concrete. Resin driveways can be installed in any location and they will provide years of enjoyment with little maintenance required. In this guide, you will learn everything there is to know about resin driveways including what resin driveway installation entails, how resin drives differ from other types of driveways, what tools we use during resin driveway installation and much more!

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Resin drives are installed anywhere and don’t require as much maintenance when compared with asphalt or concrete. Resin drives are another type of driveway that is gaining popularity. They come in a variety of colors and have low maintenance requirements, which makes them great for those who live close to the ocean or near harsh climates. Resin driveways can be installed anywhere there isn’t already a concrete slab because they don’t require as much preparation.

Resin Installation Process

The installation process takes about two days and involves digging down into the dirt with our backhoe bucket to create an excavation site. After we excavate your current asphalt driveway, one layer at a time, it will be necessary for us to pack soil around each new resin block before laying it down on top. When installing resin driveways we consider drainage of your area if prone to flooding. The first step after removing any existing brick or stone from the resin driveway installation area is to put down the appropriate gravel mix for resin driveways.

Resin driveways are typically less expensive than concrete, but they can’t be used in place of a parking lot or other large slab surfaces like business buildings and schools because resin blocks won’t hold up well against heavy traffic.

We use specialized equipment for resin driveway installation such as the backhoe bucket  which we use to dig down into your current asphalt surface before removing it one layer at a time and replacing it with resin bricks.

We always work with specially designed power hammers and diamond-tipped blades, because there’s nothing worse than a dull blade or sledgehammer going through your resin block.

We rinse the concrete surface with water. The we prepare the area for resin driveways by removing any loose materials such as dirt or leaves that might get mixed in during resin driveway installation; then sweep it clean to remove all dust and particles. 

The next step is to sand down rough patches on your concrete substrate using a sanding block. If you have a high quality sealer already installed, we do not reapply another one before installing resin drives so they can adhere properly without problems – but if we choose to apply an additional layer of sealant, we do this step last to help protect from future stains around doorways and in high traffic areas.

Then we apply resin driveway product to the base surface and spread it evenly using a squeegee or trowel. If applying resin driveways in fall, winter, spring or summer – we recommend waiting for frost to melt before installing resin driveways as this will create an uneven installation area that could lead to future bumps/chunks of resin coming up from below.

Why Choose Tarmac

  • Resin driveways are built to last – resin is an extremely durable material that resists everything from the sun’s UV rays. In comparison to asphalt driveways, resin driveways have a lifespan of up to thirty years.
  • Resin driveways are slip-resistant
  • Resin is also non-porous, which means water doesn’t penetrate the surface of resin driveway. This helps it resist both stains and dirt, making for an easy clean every time you come home from work or go on vacation
  • Resin driveways can withstand heavy foot traffic – because resin is so durable, resin driveways have no problem withstanding all sorts of abuse that asphalt would succumb to.
  • Resin will not crack when walked on as much as inferior materials may do after just one year!

What Factors Affect Resin Driveway Installation

The type of resin used will depend on factors like regional climate, age and condition of your concrete surface before installing resin driveways – as well as homeowner preferences! Some resin drives need more time than others; we always make sure to give customers accurate estimates up front so there are no surprises or delays in resin driveway installation. No matter what you’re looking for in a resin driveway contractor, call us today.

The following need to be considered with regard to resin driveway installation:

    • Resin driveway installation cost
    • Resin driveways availability and pricing
    • Resin driveways color selection (designs, patterns)

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