Tarmac Driveways Nottingham


Tarmac is a type of concrete that’s used to pave driveways, parking lots, and other surfaces. It can be made from tar or asphalt (a petroleum byproduct) mixed with aggregate such as sand or gravel–that makes it sound more like a regular cement slurry than tarmac! The key ingredient in tarmac is an adhesive material called binder, which binds the tarmac together so it doesn’t crack under pressure.

Tarmac is a popular choice for driveway installation. If you’re considering tarmac, there are many advantages to tarmac that make it the best choice in this category. It’s durable, has good traction and looks great! We’ll have an expert tarmac installer come to your home or business location and review your specifications with you before we start work on your tarmac project. tarmac installation is a lot easier than you may have thought. tarmac looks great in any setting and will make your home or business look luxurious! tarmac installation can be used on the curb, driveway, sidewalk and other places around your property.

How Tarmac Driveway Differ From Others? 

Concrete driveways are cheaper to install but you have to paint them every few years because they start looking grey; Asphalt driveways are cheaper but need to be resealed every few years; Tarmac driveways require no painting and last for a lifetime with the tarmac sealed into place


Our Process Working with Tarmac

  • We’ll come to your location so we know where the tarmac needs to go before starting work.
  • Our skilled tarmac installer will mark out all of the areas where tarmac needs to be installed for each project – this includes marking off doorways, pathways and other important features that must remain clear during our work.
  • We’ll then remove items that are not needed from those locations as well as weeds that might interfere with tarmack installation.


Why Choose Tarmac

  • Tarmac is durable and can be used within a variety of settings, including the driveway, sidewalks, curbs or other areas around your property. Tarmac also resists water damage since it’s densely packed with tar creating a waterproof layer that prevents moisture from getting in – this means you don’t have to worry about tarmac shifting over time like asphalt which has loose particles that allows moisture to easily seep through. not only does tarmac offer durability but it also provides beauty as well! we’ll install different types of designs on your tarmac surface such as stars or diamonds for an added touch.
  • We use high quality materials so our clients are satisfied when they receive tarmac driveway installation
  • Tarmack also requires minimal maintenance – no more need to worry about sealing or resealing your tarmac surface every year. With our tarmac, just keep it clear of debris and dirt by sweeping the surface with a broom often for best results. You can now enjoy your tarmacks without having to pay expensive upkeep costs!
  • We pride ourselves in our high quality workmanship so you’re guaranteed beautiful tarmac when we install it on your property

 Tarmac is more expensive than gravel driveways, but tarmac driveway installation offers so many benefits and is worth the investment!

Considerations Prior to Tarmac Installation

  • The width of your property 
  • Your budget for tarmac surface materials (i.e., asphalt or concrete) 
  • Whether to install on a level or sloped area. The slope of your property; whether it’s flat or sloping 
  • Length of time needed for project completion (i.e., how many hours each day)
  • Whether work requires road closures or traffic delays during construction – this can slow down travel times by up to 30 minutes!
  • Weather conditions such as rain/snow storms that could delay tarmacking process if there are no barriers in place
  • Property maintenance (e.g., weed control)

How We Lay Out Tarmac Surfaces

In order to get that thick layer of tarc down as smoothly as possible it’s very important not to do anything before we have your surface prepared properly – this will ensure an even thickness throughout the entire project so when finished there is nothing left but pure looking tarp! We remove all the weeds, tarter and debris from the surface.

  • We measure slope then calculate fall height – this helps us determine how much water will flow off during rainy seasons without puddling in low places/pools which could cause flooding damage to house foundations, as well as tarmac that are not properly waterproofed. It also helps with calculating proper drainage channels if needed. If tarmac surface is to be installed on a sloped area, we will need to level tarmac with a tamping machine.
  • We excavate and remove topsoil from the tarmacked area in order to create proper drainage channels for water runoff as well as lay down waterproofing membrane
  • Pour out asphalt with aggregate in it, then smooth it out with tampers

How Tarmac Driveway Differs From Others

Durability – tarmacked surfaces are more durable than other types of driveways, such as gravel or concrete 

Cost-effectiveness and ease of installation – tarmac is a less expensive option to install vs concrete because it doesn’t require pouring; all that’s needed is excavation for proper drainage channels and tamping the surface smooth with heavy equipment.

What tools we use during tarmac driveway installation: 

  • Tampers
  • Shovels
  • WheelbarrowsT
  • Tarps 
  • Tape measurers
  • Tarmac tampers  – these power driven rollers compress soil while incorporating the aggregate material into tarmac 
  • Shaving machines – these tools are used to scrape off any excess tarmac or soil that may have been left on the surface of tarmac
  • Pneumatic drills 
  • Rotary hammers


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